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Pharmacy Mall 247 FAQ
How long have you been offering your services?
We have been offering our services in the past 20+ years. Our pharmacy was established back in 1997. We are one of the few pioneer online pharmacies which have held their ground.
How can I be sure that your pharmacy is genuine?
We are a licensed pharmacy. We have received approval from Canadian regulatory bodies such as CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) and MIPA (Manitoba International Pharmacist Association). Pharmacy Checker which helps buyers find trustworthy online pharmacies recognizes us too.
Why do you only accept credit cards as a form of payment?
We want our customers to feel safe when ordering their medications from our pharmacy. Other methods of payment do not allow buyers to dispute the charges a pharmacy makes. We know it is important for customers to feel that they have the ability to dispute the charges.
It is worth noting that none of our customers has ever had the need to dispute the charges made to his or her credit card. We offer refunds and free re-shipments in case of a non-delivery or if the buyer is not satisfied with the quality of products we delivered.
Can I use the medical information provided here as a guide on how to use my meds?
The details available on our pharmacy should not be used as a substitute for a doctor’s advice. The information we provide here is correct. However, it is for informational purposes only. If you have never used a medication before, please talk to a healthcare professional before using it.
Will I get spammed after providing my contact details?
No, we will not spam you. Unless we have something extremely important to inform you, you will never hear from us. The only occasion we will contact you via the email is when we are informing you about the order status or anything that we feel you need to know. If you happen to notice uncalled for emails in your inbox from us, please do not hesitate to let us know. If these emails are coming from us, we will make this right.
Please note that some scammers will use our identity to try and steal from you. If we confirm that the emails are not coming from us, we will advise you accordingly.
If you deliver my meds and I am not at home, what will happen?
If your drugs are delivered to you when you are not at home, the postal service will leave a special message for you.
I find it tedious to do currency conversion calculations, have you automated currency conversion?
Our pharmacy being an international medication provider, automating currency conversion was one of the things we focused on at the very beginning. To change the currency on our pharmacy, you just need to choose the currency you prefer under “Language & Currency” at the top of the page. We have over 15 different currencies to choose from.
I don’t understand English very well but I am fluent in French, can I change the website language to French?
When you first load our pharmacy website, based on your location, the website will try to select the best language for you automatically. If the selected language does not impress you, you can select the language you prefer under “Language & Currency” at the top of the page.
At checkout, I got redirected to a different website, is the website safe?
At checkout, we redirect our buyers to an SSL-secured website for payment processing. The website is 100% safe. Actually, the reason we redirect you to the page is so that we can make sure that no one can access your details.
Where do I apply the coupon code so that I can get a 10% discount?
If your order is worth less than $200, you will get the chance to apply our coupon code at checkout. If your order is already worth more than $200, we will apply the 10% discount automatically. You won’t need to apply the coupon code.
I can see that you offer free shipping and you also have shipping charges. How does free shipping work?
Whether you will get free shipping will depend on the cost of the meds you have purchased. If your order is worth more than $200, you will get free airmail shipping. If your order is worth more than $300, you will get free EMS shipping.
Can I get any controlled substances on your pharmacy?
No. We do not offer any controlled substances.
I wanted to select the EMS shipping option as my preferred delivery method. However, I did not find it at checkout. Why did this happen?
The EMS shipping option is advantageous because it ships medications faster than other shipping options. Unfortunately, the method is not available for all countries. Therefore, if you did not see it at checkout, it means that the method of shipping is not available in your country.
Do you offer online patient-doctor consultation services?
No, we don’t. We ship the drugs on our website without asking for a prescription script. We only advise our customers to seek advice from a healthcare professional if they have never used a specific medication before.
Do you have a minimum age for someone to order?
We always recommend that all our customers be at least the age of 18 years. This is the recognized adult age in most countries.
If I use the contact form to send an email, how long will I have to wait before I get a reply from you?
We try to reply to our customer’s queries as soon as we receive them. We will never take more than 24 hours before replying to your query.
I found an online pharmacy that resembled yours, can I use it when ordering next time?
We don’t encourage using other pharmacies even if they resemble our own pharmacy. The web is filled with scam pharmacies. Over 95% of the internet pharmacies are fake. The quickest way the people running the scam pharmacies can get customers is through using the designs used by popular pharmacies. Using a pharmacy just because it looks like a trustworthy pharmacy you have used before will place you at the risk of being scammed.
Are there any benefits to buying drugs in bulk from your pharmacy?
Buying drugs in bulk offers numerous benefits. The first benefit is the reduced price for each pill. If you check any of our price lists, you will notice that the price for each pill reduces as the number of pills you are buying increases. The other benefits include free shipping and an automatic 10% discount.
Are the drugs in your catalog already in stock?
We strive to make sure that every product in our catalog is always in stock. In special cases where a product runs out of stock without our knowledge (this almost never happens) and you happen to order it, we do everything we can to make sure that the product gets delivered to you on time.
Is there a possibility that you offer some products that you have not placed in your catalog?
No, we don’t. Every product our pharmacy offers is already placed in the catalog. Our catalog is there to help our customers gain access to all our products easily. We wouldn’t have any reason to hide the products we offer from our customers. We do not offer any illegal products.
I can see Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. in your copyright section. Do you source all your medications in Canada?
Even though we process and ship all medications from Canada, they are not always manufactured by Canadian manufacturers. Some of the generic medications in our catalog have their origin in India. What we can assure our customers is that we only source our medications from high-quality manufacturers. Quality matters more to us than the country in which the medication was manufactured in.
I am a private person. What measures do you take to ensure that my privacy is safeguarded?
First, we ensure that the names of the products you order from our pharmacy are not reflected on the credit card statement. Next, we ensure that your products are delivered in a discreet package. What we mean by the discreet package is that the package will not have the names of the drugs inside on it or their prices. It will look like a gift. The only person who will know what is inside is you after you open it upon delivery.
Do I have to create an account on your pharmacy or logging in before ordering?
We respect our customer’s time. This is why we have invested in making sure that the ordering process is as easy as possible. We won’t need you to create an account or have to remember any passwords for the next time when you place your order again. At checkout, you will be taken straight to the payment page.
If you offer high-quality services, I believe you should have numerous return customers. Do your customers return to order again?
When we started our pharmacy back in 1997, we had zero customers. We have managed to grow the number of customers ordering from us to 1,000,000+ customers, 20 years later. Over 99% of the customers who order from us for the first time enjoy our services and the quality of the medications we offer such that they keep ordering from us. Most of the new customers we get are referred to us by our old customers.
What percentage of money will I expect to save if I shift from ordering in my local drugstore and start ordering from you?
To answer this question effectively, we will take an example. Let’s assume that you were ordering Viagra in your local pharmacy. In the walk-in pharmacies, a pill of brand Viagra is worth $70. If you buy generic Viagra from our pharmacy, you will get to pay only $0.27 for it. This tells you that you will save over 99% of your money. If you buy brand Viagra, you will have to pay $2.56 for a pill. You will pay over 96% less for the brand medication. On average, our brand medications will cost you over 95% less while the generic drugs can be over 99% cheaper.
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